The Ultimate College Dorm Room Checklist

Ultimate-College-Dorm-Room-Checklist Your Move Is Coming Up Soon!

Things get kinda hectic when you’re on your way to college.  You’re saying goodbye to the family dog, your parents are a mess, stuff is strewn everywhere; it’s complete and utter chaos.

It’s not surprising, then, that a lot of essentials get overlooked during the move to a college dorm freshman year (and sophomore year, and junior year, and senior year, and really every time you move anywhere for the rest of your adult life).

Not to worry:  Nebraska Methodist College has you covered.  We’ve compiled what we humbly refer to as the Ultimate College Dorm Room Checklist.  This is designed to help bring some order to your life by providing a simple rundown of all the things that no college student should be without.

Sure, you probably know that you need stuff like underwear and a lamp.  But in the chaos of moving, are you going to remember such must-haves as:

  • A tool kit- Your dad would be so proud
  • Hangers- All those clothes have to go somewhere
  • Dry-erase board- Keep tabs on upcoming parties homework assignments
  • Plunger- You don’t know what your roommate is capable of

Don’t miss that one must-have item that’s going to send you scurrying to a Target minutes before they close (unless you’re into that sort of thing). 

Instead, put our Ultimate College Dorm Room Checklist to good use.  Here’s how it works:  Download.  Print.  Fill in.  Enjoy college.

Start now.  Download the Checklist and start your college experience on the right foot.

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