Make The Most Of Your College Visits

College-Visit-Worksheet-Preview-IconCampus visits are your best chance to get a sense of what to expect from a college should you choose to enroll. But without some idea of what to ask, the entire process can feel frustrating and overwhelming.

Our free College Visit Worksheet is the answer. This one-page guide offers a series of questions you can ask on your visit so that you know you'll be choosing a college that's a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Inside, you'll find must-ask questions surrounding these important subjects:

  • Campus
  • Academics
  • Housing
  • Financial Aid

This guide is easy to use and absolutely free.  Simply download the worksheet, print out a few copies, and then take one of those copies with you every time you visit a college campus.  When you're ready to choose your college, you'll be prepared to make an informed decision based off of the factors most critical to you.

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